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About Us


Albert Einstein once said that if you do what you always did, then you’ll get what you always got. At ASWY, we don’t want the same old thing. And we don’t believe you do either. That’s why we started on a journey to redesign some of the things people need and want. By thinking and doing things differently. We started by creating the world’s first levitating speaker. Now, we’ve begun exploring the exciting domains. And that’s just the beginning…


Established in 2012, ASWY brought the world the first Levitating Speaker, introducing the concept of True 360-degree Surround Sound unimpeded by surface friction. In 2014, ASWY gained patents for its Levitating Speakers and Levitating Charging Technology and began selling the award-winning AIR and AIR2 speakers, renamed ONDO. With an emphasis on premium quality, ASWY is becoming known for its high-end design, quality materials and pushing the limits of technology. It now sells five premium models of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Levitating Speakers across the EU, US, Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and China.

Vision and philosophy

At ASWY, we believe in the power of technology and design to improve people’s lives. Our goal in establishing ASWY in 2012 was to give our customers innovative, high-quality products with strong designs that are also affordable and easy-to- use. Every day, we set out to stretch the Internet’s potential and make it a reality for people. We are continually trialing new products that push technology’s boundaries and design standards.