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A 720-degree acoustics field is created by the combination of 28 dynamic and electrostatic diaphragm drivers, which provide multidimensional, movie-theater grade audio, all within a compact home audio system. Most high street audio systems use less than half the number of drivers. They rarely use electrostatic drivers, which are normally found in tiny form in only the most expensive headphones.

How do I order SPACO?
Simply click on the “purchasing” button and complete the form.

Why should I order now?
We have super early bird prices up to the value of US$1,450.

When can I receive my SPACO?
We will do our utmost to ship the SPACO to you as soon as possible. Continuous updates about the production schedule will be provided during and after the campaign. Our projected timelines will be fulfilled by October 2017.

Where do you deliver to?
We use major couriers and we will ship to anywhere these companies deliver.

Is shipping free?
Shipping is:
$15 for SPACO mini
$20 for SPACO mini x 2
$25 for SPACO 2.1
$40 for SPACO 5.1
$60 for SPACO family
(Customers are responsible for any VAT or customs duties levied by your own countries)

Do you provide a warranty?
Yes, SPACO comes with a one-year replacement warranty

SPACO will arrive in deluxe packaging with a:
• AC Power cord
• Power adapter
• World Wide membership card
• Quick-Start Guide and User Manual

What devices can I use to stream music wirelessly?
Any device that has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, including your Android™ device, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad™, PC, or Mac. SPACO supports your home Wi-Fi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4GHz broadcast capable router.

What kind of digital music sources can I play?
Any music that you can currently access from your device, SPACO will play.  That means any online streaming sites or Internet radio (Pandora, the radio, Youtube, Spotify, ITunes Radio, TuneIn, etc). Any format of music stored on your device, on your home network, NAS Server, or in the cloud can also be played.

How easy is it to connect my device and start playing music?
Piece of cake.  Just power up your SPACO and pair your device by turning Bluetooth on and selecting SPACO in the menu or download our APP to connect via Wi-Fi to enjoy more functions. Pair the device once and it will remain stored in SPACO’s memory for future use.

How close to the SPACO do I need to be?
75 feet (23m) indoors and 150 feet (46m) outdoors

Can I pair multiple devices to SPACO?
Yes, you can pair multiple devices to SPACO and the information will stay stored in your device in the future.  However, SPACO can only be connected to and play from one source at a time.

How many SPACOs do I need to create a multiroom environment?
We suggest you get the SPACO 5.1 system and then you can wirelessly connect anywhere in your house.  Or you can connect with as many SPACO minis as you like.

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi or a router for multiroom?
No router, Wi-Fi or special application is needed. SPACO creates its own 5 GHz adaptive wireless network that you can connect to.

How far apart can the SPACO speakers be from each other?
75 feet (23 m) indoors and 150 feet (46 m) outdoors from any SPACO devices.

What if I want SPACO speakers in different rooms to play different music?
Push the source button on the APP or use voice control to tell SPACO you would like to play locally.

Does SPACO have an internal battery?
Only the SPACO mini has an internal battery that recharges when plugged in. It lasts 12 hours, and takes less than 1 hour to charge.